Web Hosting Cheatsheet

She Speaks in Code is excited to announce that we are now offering managed WordPress hosting services. Read on to learn about the benefits of hosting your website with She Speaks in Code.

Why host your website with She Speaks in Code?

If you have done any research into hosting your WordPress website, you may have discovered that you can host your website with a service like Dreamhost for $2.59/month. For your small business, that price seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? However, as is often the case, you get what you pay for.

Shared vs. Managed Hosting
When you host with a shared hosting provider (such as Dreamhost) your website files are stored on a server with a bunch of other random websites that use the same service. Even if you are regularly maintaining your website (keeping WordPress and plugins up-to-date, scanning regularly for malware), the moment one of your neighbors is hosting an out of date plugin with vulnerable code, your website becomes an easy target.

She Speaks in Code offers managed WordPress hosting with WP Engine, which means your website lives on its own server. In other words, you never have to worry about having “bad neighbors.” But that’s only the beginning…

What’s Included?

+ 20,000 visits per month
+ 40 GB of bandwidth
+ 20 GB of storage


Managed Core & Plugin Updates: Did you know that out-of-date WordPress installs are a leading cause of website hacks? Smaller businesses simply don’t have the time to manage and maintain their website software, so out-of-date installs are alarmingly common!

Automated Daily Backups: We perform daily backups of your website to give you peace of mind. Accidentally delete a blog post? Want to roll-back a recent change? Bounce back quickly and painlessly.


Thorough & frequent malware scanning: Malicious behavior is detected and block by our proprietary system, making sure your website and business doesn’t suffer embarrassing hacks.


Speed enhanced hosting: We host on the fastest possible environment for running WordPress, which is key for SEO, UX and bounce rates. Our hosting provider boasts 27% faster load times!

Fully Managed Global Content Delivery Network: Load content faster with our global CDN, a system of servers that routes local requests to the nearest server based on the user’s geographic location.

Scalable Architecture: Manage traffic spikes–from 10,000 to 100 million users—seamlessly, so your site doesn’t crash when it is in demand!


Password protected legacy websites: Have an old blog or website that you want to cross-reference until you’re sure everything on your new site is running smoothly? We will host your old website in place where you can access it and the rest of the internet can’t.

Traffic encryption with SSL: Baked in SSL certificate encrypts traffic on every page and automatically renew, so there is no need to purchase this separately

Staging website: Enjoy a hosted clone of your live website that enables you to test any changes or major new features before launching, avoiding any issues and/or downtime that may result.

What’s Not Included?

Email Hosting

Unfortunately, our hosting service does not include email hosting. If your email is already being hosted with a provider, great! You can leave it as is, your Webmaster will know not to touch those settings when they launch your new website. If you aren’t getting email through a hosting provider, we highly recommend Google Business Apps! This service runs at about $5/month.