If You’re Using Flexbox

Flexbox? I adore it – it makes so many headaches of the early teens a mere memory. A lot of the designers I work with design with the capabilities of flexbox in mind. One of the niftiest features? Setting a parent el to display=flex and then setting its children to margin=auto. It’s a miracle – […]

Select Lists and White Text

I’ve had this come up a couple of times – where select lists are designed to have white text on a dark background – everything is fine and dandy on my mac – and then cross browser testing on windows I discover that the white options text renders the select list pretty much unuseable. I […]

Keyframes, Firefox and !important declarations

!important isn’t best practice. I try to avoid it – but who knew, “Declarations in a keyframe that are qualified with !important are ignored” – in Firefox only. That was a fun one. Learn more here or here.

Who Knew? Limit the Width of an Element by Characters!

Thanks Chris Coyier, always so helpful. And speaking of limited-character-width-things… you can limit the width of an element by characters!https://t.co/kcQ8SGxNVU pic.twitter.com/yLBuwksMWg — CSS-Tricks (@Real_CSS_Tricks) October 2, 2016 See the Pen Monospace typo ch unit test by Young Kang (@young-hwa) on CodePen.