Freelance Pricing

Geez this stuff is complicated. What I am realizing – and I’m not seeing alot of info about this out there is that you need to come up with a couple of prices for different scenarios. I also transitioned from getting a salary from an agency to freelance so I wanted to make sure I wouldnt be shortchanging myself with my rate – so this is how i started.

Scenario 1: Part Time Work
When I was figuring out my pricing, I had been in chat with an agency and I had floated the idea of working part time. I wanted to figure out what hourly rate I would accept if they put an offer on the table. Elements to consider with this scenario:
– Potentially would have access to tools like Adobe Creative Suite, a typekit account etc
– Would get paid for administrative time
– Possibility of benefits.

Scenario 2: Contract Work
I was also talking to a graphic designer about doing contract work. I knew I would have to increase my price a little, but because I would not be interfacing with the client, that was definitely value add – however I couldnt charge for time spending emails etc. * This graphic designer did end up putting me in direct touch with the client which made me realize that this is something I need to ask up front! Suddenly I have a client sending me anxiety riddled emails asking me when a project is going to be completed. Lesson learned.

Scenario 3: Client Work
I am working with client, cannot charge for admin time, responsible for all my own costs etc.