Non-queryable posts

Oh WordPress, sometimes I discovered a little nuggets that opens a whole world of possibilities. Who doesn’t love custom posts right? They are great – they provide so much flexibility and they make life so much easier for the client when it comes to managing content. However, there are definitely times when we don’t necessary […]

Freelance Pricing

Geez this stuff is complicated. What I am realizing – and I’m not seeing alot of info about this out there is that you need to come up with a couple of prices for different scenarios. I also transitioned from getting a salary from an agency to freelance so I wanted to make sure I […]

Modify WordPress Search Query to Include Custom Fields

One of my favorite clients was one of the first projects where I was really able to dig to into the wonderful world of ACF. However before site launch (back in 2014) – we discovered that native WP search functionality only searched content loaded into the content editor – and there is a lot of […]