CSS Transforms Cheatsheet

2D Transform Functions These occur along a cartesian plane with an x & y axis. X-axis: horizontal / width. Y-axis: vertical / height. Scale Function Used to transform the size of elements. How to Use: transform: scale(x); // width and height are multiplied by x. transform: scale(x,y); // width is multiplied by x. height is […]

CSS Transitions Cheatsheet

Properties: span { transition-property: color; transition-duration: .5s; transition-delay: 1s; transition-timing-function: ease; } → Check out which CSS properties you can apply transitions to here ← Shorthand: span { transition: color .5s 1s ease; } Apply Transitions to Multiple Properties: span { transition: color .5s ease-in, background .2s linear; } Apply Transitions to All Properties: span […]

Sublime Text Packages

While noodling around on the internet, I found the following round-up of helpful Sublime Text packages for front-end devs. → Check it out here ← I’m super excited to give the Emmet package a whirl – check out this gif, I mean come on! I’m also interested to see how using the SCSS package changes […]