Not Everyone is a WP Expert

2015 Wordcamp Takeaways Series

Speaker: Sallie Goetsch,

“WordPress isn’t easy until you learn how to use it.”

What are our clients familiar with using? Microsoft Word and more recently Wix / Square Space / Visual Web Page builders.
The problem is that WordPress is not like these things, it is not intuitive.

“We need to prepare our clients for using a content management system and help them understand what’s great about the way WordPress does things.”

How can we make WordPress a more intuitive experience for our clients?

  • Prepare clients for the learning curve
  • Be careful when using the phrase “without knowing code” – this suggests to clients that it’s easy
  • Simplify the WP dashboard, hide links to pages (like Tools) that the client will never need to use.
  • Provide inline help, create a custom post type for help docs or add notes / instructions with advanced custom fields
  • Skype video calls allow users to record the convo – screen shares and all – hold instructional sessions over Skype and provide client with copy of video.

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