Better Living Through Event Driven Caching

2015 Wordcamp Takeaways Series

Speaker: Vasken Hauri, 10up

Vasken Hauri proposes WordPress developers rethink how site caching is handled. He suggests that rather than implementing arbitrarily scheduled cache purges, developers should leverage WordPress’s event driven nature and hook cache updates to certain events – such as “Save Post”.

Much of Hauri’s development experience has been in the world of online journalism, on sites with hefty content archives where a fast-loading experience is crucial. However, where caching might speed up an end user’s experience on a website, an editor is going to be extremely frustrated when updates to a published post aren’t rendering on the front end. Hence, Hauri proposes a more intelligent caching model – one designed around the behavior of users.

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Vasken Hauri works at 10up and shared a link to the following resource which I thought looked pretty rad: