Not Everyone is a WP Expert

2015 Wordcamp Takeaways Series Speaker: Sallie Goetsch, “WordPress isn’t easy until you learn how to use it.” What are our clients familiar with using? Microsoft Word and more recently Wix / Square Space / Visual Web Page builders. The problem is that WordPress is not like these things, it is not intuitive. “We need […]

HTTPS is Coming: Are You Prepared?

2015 Wordcamp Takeaways Series Speaker: Zack Tollman, WIRED The Situation HTTPS is the direction the web is headed and there is no way around it, Firefox recently announced that it is deprecating non-secure HTTP. The Takeaway 100% of websites moving forward should have SSL certificates and HTTPS across the entire site is important. The Other […]

Better Living Through Event Driven Caching

2015 Wordcamp Takeaways Series Speaker: Vasken Hauri, 10up Vasken Hauri proposes WordPress developers rethink how site caching is handled. He suggests that rather than implementing arbitrarily scheduled cache purges, developers should leverage WordPress’s event driven nature and hook cache updates to certain events – such as “Save Post”. Background Much of Hauri’s development experience has […]